how many coffees

January 31, 2007

Toothpaste For Dinner
How many coffees can an employee take daily before he has to deal with sarcastic comments and staring eyes ?


losers aren’t good lovers

January 28, 2007

A woman’s assessment of the attractiveness of a man is influenced by how other women view him.

Among females in other species, “mate choice copying” has already been spotted among guppies (fish), Japanese quail (bird) and zebra finches (bird), but this is the first time the phenomenon has been confirmed among humans.

So, women aren’t much brighter than a bird ???

book or jail

January 28, 2007

A Saudi court has ordered a drug user to spend six months memorizing the Koran, but he faces a year in prison if he fails to recite the Muslim holy book by heart.

Interesting concept. Occidental justice system could try something like this for some crimes: you can only get out when you can recite a holy book by heart. I would really be curious to see the rehabilitation potential of this method.

the purpose of life

January 22, 2007

I’m wondering about the purpose of my life. Which amount of energy out of my capitalist everyday life will be available for something ? And what that something will be ? I can spend 20 years into a superb philosophical book that no one will be interested to publish… Will I look at my life and wonder how days, years, decades passed by without any significant action about significant issues ?

I don’t think that’s narcissical, or presumptuous to intend to do such action in my life. I don’t care about being someone, but I want to do something with my life…

I thinking almost everyday about doing something but I don’t feel like doing so. I may wait for some call, some inspiration, but in the other hand I fear it will only come with hard work.

Garfield has his point of view about the purpose of life.


Hedonism is always an interesting point of view… Maybe the most accessible way to serenity…



January 17, 2007

Montreal finally looks like winter…

quebec racism

January 17, 2007

Awful, awful survey made by Quebecor network. They wanted to know more about racism in Quebec. So they figured out they should ask two racist questions (!!!).

Do you have a very good, good, bad or very bad opinion of the members of the following communities : Arab, Asian, Italian, Jewish, Latino, Black.

Generally, do you think that the members of the following communities are working more, as much or less than French Quebecers : Arab, Asian, Italian, Jewish, Latino, Black.

When you have an opinion about other communities as a whole, you are racist. Around me, I hear a lot more “they are” than “let’s not generalize”.

This “they” is a big problem. What’s the point of getting all these immigrants in if we can’t include them in a big “we” ? Do we need taxi drivers that bad ?

lost wallets

January 13, 2007


I wonder how many people give back a wallet they found without picking the money ? The half ? More, less ?

I also wonder how many lost wallet the average man finds in his life. I’m not even 30 and I found 2.

This man got into the honest column after 62 years.


January 13, 2007


Canadians will be allowed to buy an electric gun for their personal safety. That’s about 350$.

Personnally, I prefer something like pepper spray.

ugly electricity

January 13, 2007


Quebec environmentalists anger about an evil hydro-electric project that will mess a lot of land, including a superb river.

But when we know that USA and Ontario uses a lot of coal and nuclear power, should Quebec mess a bloody lot of lands to sell them cleaner power ?

There is also opposition about wind-power. Ugly. Noisy. Some patrimonial group in France is trying to make a country free of wind turbine.

What, do you think that a coal power plant is cute, pal ? Do you think that a radioactive waste disposal site is patrimonial ?

Consuming less energy is part of the solution. But not the only one. Even more is the world eventually runs on electric car. Do we want electric car powered by coal ? Wow, that’s a better idea that a car running on gas…

land of the free

January 13, 2007


A high school art teacher who sparked controversy when his off-hours work as a so-called “butt-printing artist” became known has been fired.

Can we pretend living in a society based on freedom if a teacher (from Vermont, not Alabama !!) can’t be a controversial artist on his own time ?

He should have been fired if he mixed his job and his art. But as far as I know, he didn’t.

Is a controversial artist the same thing than a criminal ?

Should we pay forever for a crime we already paid for, for getting involved in art, for not hiding that we are born homosexual ?

Here in Montreal, there is a big controversy around Dave Hilton, a boxer. He’s out of prison after 5 years for abusing his two daughters and he never admitted anything. A lot of people here think he shouldn’t be allowed to get on the ring again because of what he did.

But where this logic leads ? Should we put a pedophile in jail for life ? Or kill him ?

And what the “butt-printing artist” should do ? Chose between art and teaching ? Or find a school where people would be less narrow-minded ? – Less than Vermont ? Good luck…

At a former job where most of my coworkers were homogeneous suburban morons, I was wondering what would happen if I openly adopt Islam. Anyway, by not being into reality shows, I was already seen as a freak…

If we claim North America is a tolerant society, what do we tolerate ? Does it mean we tolerate anyone as long as we are all the same ?


January 13, 2007


I’m already working on a new cartoon of John’s office. This time, it will be about reorganization. This new hobby is so much fun…

I’m also working on a page about John’s office. The characters, the project… I could also put a page about the blogger…

fat dogs

January 10, 2007

The government approved the first drug for obese canines on Friday. Called Slentrol, the Pfizer Inc. drug is aimed at helping fat Fidos shed extra pounds.

This is totally insane… Ever thought of… walking the dog and feeding it right ?

“Excuse me, vet… I’m too lazy to walk my dog and I’m too dumb to feed it with anything but junk food leftovers. Can I have some Slentrol ?”